What steps do I need to take to book JD?
1. Call, email, or submit form on website with basic event parameters(Date, Services, Venue, etc.)
2. Finalize details via phone call or personal meeting.
3. Confirm the date and time by agreeing to the written agreement.
4. Pay security deposit of $100.

How far in advance should I book?
We accept “first come first serve” reservations up to 12 months in advance. Most events are booked 3-6 months in advance. Some dates should be booked ASAP. Ex. – New Year’s Eve.

Do you travel outside of Texas?
Yes, we are open to traveling.

Will the DJ be available ahead of time for a planning session?
Yes, planning sessions are free. Call/text 214-769-4115 to set up a meeting, or submit contact info online.

What’s the backup plan if some equipment malfunctions?
We travel with replacements of all major equipment.

Will the DJ make announcements for us?
Yes, it is our pleasure to make announcements and help in any way we can.

Will our DJ be able to stay longer than the agreed upon hours?
In most cases the DJ will be more than happy to extend the length of your event services agreement the day of.

What do we need to provide the DJ on the day of the event?
Standard electrical wall outlets.

When do you start setting up for the event?
At least 3 Hours prior to the event.

What attire will the DJ wear? Can we request a dress code?
We try to match the personality of the event based on your suggestions and are happy to follow any dress code.

What is your DJ style?
Experienced, eclectic, professional.

What type of Music do you play?
I can play almost any type of recorded music.

Can I request specific genres be included, and specific genres be left out?
Absolutely! We can brainstorm together what would work best for your event, or you can simply tell me.

Can I pick my own custom playlist?
Yes. Again if you want our professional opinion we’re happy to help, but no one knows your crowd like you do, so if you know exactly what you want that works as well.

Can my guests make live requests during the event?
Yes, we love to engage your guests!



How much of a difference does professional lighting make?
We can’t stress this enough: Professional lighting makes all the difference in the world for event ambience.

What equipment do you bring for lighting?
Overhead trusses, stands, and nightclub centerpieces.

What do I need to provide for lighting arrangements?

  • Dimensions of the venue; Square footage, and also height from floor to ceiling.
  • Electricity.
  • Dimensions of your dancefloor.


Is there a Security Deposit? Yes, $100.

What is the cancellation policy? Please give us at least 72 hours notice.

How can I make payment?
Cash, Check, or PayPal. (Credit Card processing through Stripe coming soon.)

How do you determine pricing?
Price quotes are customized for your event based mostly on duration, location, and season. This does not mean expensive. We just don’t like to limit your options with pre-determined packages.

Do you charge for travel? What are your rates for traveling?
It depends on several factors, but generally $1/mile if you’re outside the San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX areas.

What other possible costs could there be?
Additional costs can come from extras like projectors, screens, lighting and sound for additional spaces( patios, other rooms.), venues that take extra time to access on foot, etc.

When is the final payment due?
Final payment is due the date of the event after the event is over.


What sets JD apart from other Music and Lighting specialists?
Passion. A lifelong passion to create the highest quality nightlife and event atmospheres anywhere.

How long has JD the DJ been providing professional DJ and Lighting Services?
When we say DJing is our life passion we mean it. We’ve been known as JD the DJ since 1990, when John Duncan was 10 years old.